1964 Fairlane Afterburner

Type: Roush 427 Windsor small-block
Block: Dart iron four-bolt block
bored to 4.125 inches
Oiling: Roush pump and 8-quart pan
Rotating assembly: Roush 4.000-inch
forged 4340 crank and steel H-beam rods,
Wiseco 10.25:1 pistons
Cylinder heads: Roush CNC-ported 205cc
aluminum castings with
2.080-/1.600-inch valves and
61cc combustion chambers
Camshaft: Roush custom hydraulic roller
(specs classified)
Valvetrain: Roush double-roller timing set,
lifters, and 1.6:1 roller rockers
Induction: Roush eight-stack Weber-style
intake manifold
Engine management: Roush EFI system with
dual-sync distributor
Exhaust: JBA 1.75-inch mid-length headers,
dual 2.5-inch Flowmaster mufflers
Fuel system: Fuel Safe tank and in-tank pump
Cooling: Be Cool radiator and electric fan
Output: 560 hp and 551 lb-ft of torque
Transmission: Bowler Ford AOD-E automatic
trans and converter
Rear axle: John's Industries 9-inch rearend
with 31-spline axles,
3.73:1 gears, and
limited-slip differential
Front suspension: Fatman lower control arms,
custom Mustang II steering rack,
Penske coilovers, DSE sway bar
Rear suspension: custom tubular
lower control arms,
DSE Panhard bar,
Penske coilovers
Brakes: Baer 13-inch discs with
six-piston calipers, front;
12-inch discs with
six-piston calipers, rear
Wheels: Forgeline EV3 18x8, front; 18x10, rear
Tires: Goodyear 245/40R18, front; 275/40R18, rear

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