Grinch Crosses the Block at Barrett-Jackson

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 2:36:59 PM America/Chicago

It seems that just about every year a Ringbrothers vehicle crosses the block at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, and they always grab the attention of the crowd and the buyers.

This year was no different - the 1970 Grinch Camaro, sold by the original owner, crossed the block at Barrett-Jackson and went home with the new owner for a final price of $192,500.

The cars, sold by the owners, not by Ringbrothers, always seem to fetch a high price despite the fact that most customized classic cars do not do well at classic car auctions.

Below are the Ringbrothers cars that have sold at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, in order from highest to lowest:



1970 Dragon Mustang – sold in 2013 for $346,500
















1971 ADRNLN De Tomaso Pantera - sold in 2015 for $330,000

**Currently holds the record for highest selling Pantera sold at a collector car auction

1965 Producer Mustang – sold in 2013 for $286,000

1969 Razor Camaro – sold in 2012 for $269,500

1967 Reactor Mustang – sold in 2010 for $253,000

1964 Fairlane Afterburner – sold in 2014 for $247,500

1970 Grinch Camaro – sold in 2016 for $192,500

1967 Copperback Mustang – sold in 2010 for $159,500

1967 Kona Mustang – sold in 2014 for $148,500

2007 Producer II Mustang – sold in 2013 for $77,000


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