Ringbrothers 2014 SEMA Cars Featured in Popular Hot Rodding

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 12:53:09 PM America/Chicago


Did you see the Ringbrothers Blizzard Mustang on the cover of the March 2014 issue of Popular Hot Rodding? In this issue the magazine picks its Top 17 coolest Street Machine muscle cars from the 2013 SEMA Show floor and both of the vehicles we debuted were chosen.

 The first Ringbrothers build featured is our 1971 DeTomaso Pantera "ADRNLN" that we build in collaboration with Nike's Innovation Skunk Works Design Team.  What PHR really likes about this build is that it doesn't look or feel like a modified car. "Ringbrothers sought to create a car that looked and felt like it was built that way originally," said PHR's Christopher Campbell. "We've heard that line before, and we've seen some great builds, but this Pantera is among the very best."  What most people actually don't know about this car is that it was in such bad shape when it originally showed up at our door that the only piece of original sheet metal we were able to save was the roof.  Everything else you see was hand fabricated.

Popular Hot Rodding also features our Blizzard '65 Mustang Fastback as another one of its top SEMA Street Machine builds.  This car's frosty exterior hides the true nature of this car - a Yeti in sheep's clothing. The Blizzard White BASF Glasurit paint hides the Ringbrothers carbon fiber body panels that drops this pony down into the featherweight class while it's NASCAR-spec Wegner Motorsports V8 gives it a heavyweight's punch. But just like the with the Pantera, the trick is not to so heavily modify the car that it loses its connection to the past. "There are far more mods to the car than we could possibly mention here," said Campbell "but they are all presented with restraint and with respect to the original design. That seems to be a theme for the Ringbrothers this year."

Look for full features on both of the cars in upcoming issue of Popular Hot Rodding later this year and check out the featurettes on ADRNLN and Blizzard here: http://www.popularhotrodding.com/features/1403_muscle_cars_sema/viewall.html.

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