Ringbrothers Announces Partnership with Prestone Products Corporation

Thursday, October 13, 2016 2:50:30 PM America/Chicago

Prestone Products Corporation has been named an official partner of Ringbrothers, formalizing a relationship between the custom car builder and the premier purveyor of cooling system products. Beyond Prestone’s support of Ringbrothers, the two companies will also formally reveal plans for a ground breaking new car build that will revitalize a long lost American performance icon at the 2016 SEMA Show.   


Ringbrothers and Prestone will launch the new partnership at the 2016 SEMA Show in a variety of ways – including a press conference hosted by Prestone in its booth #30327 in the Upper South Hall. Prestone President, Steven Clancy along with Jim and Mike Ring will reveal plans for the new Prestone project car by Ringbrothers that will be unveiled at the 2017 SEMA Show, giving the brothers only 12 months to complete the build. Prestone will also have the Ringbrothers’ “World’s Fastest Winnie” 900hp 1972 Winnebago Brave on display in its booth. Throughout the show, the Winnie’s tiki bar themed interior will be open for tours. 


“We feel this partnership is a great fit, as the Ringbrothers’ focus on performance and quality mirrors our own,” said Steven Clancy, President of Prestone Products Corporation. “Ringbrothers cars are recognized by enthusiasts across the globe and we’re thrilled to collaborate with them not only as a partner, but as a customer as well. From working with Mike and Jim, to showcasing current Ringbrothers vehicles at SEMA and other consumer events around the country, to our own upcoming project car, we have exciting things in store that we think people are going to love.”


Jim and Mike Ring of Ringbrothers have a long history with Prestone, having used its products for years in everything from their daily drivers to the one-of-a-kind custom cars they build, making Prestone the perfect partner for Ringbrothers. The Rings also have a lot of history with the car that they will be building for Prestone. When the brothers were young, they would see it driving around their hometown of Plain, Wisconsin.


“Prestone is one of the most iconic brands in the automotive world, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to work with them as both a sponsor and a car build customer,” said Jim Ring. “Ever since I can remember, we’ve used Prestone antifreeze in our cars, from the ones we tinkered with when we were kids, to the highly customized cars we build today.” Mike Ring added, “Prestone is a great company that makes best-in-class products and we’re honored to partner with them. We can’t wait to get started on their build, especially because of the history Jim and I personally share with this car.”


More information about the partnership and vehicle build will be released at the 2016 SEMA Show press conference in the Prestone booth #30327 on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. PT. Members of the media are also invited to stay immediately following the press conference for a cocktail hour from 1:30-2:30 p.m. For those not attending SEMA, the press conference will be livestreamed on the Ringbrothers Facebook page using Facebook Live. 

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Summer Rogers


Terry Reeves

posted on Saturday, November 5, 2016 10:16:46 AM America/Chicago
I was at SEMA and the news from the press conference about the Ring Brothers building a Nash was the greatest. It would be very cool to see the car built with a real AMC motor and a Jeep case turbo400 w/gearvendors overdrive instead of a transplant that most shops cheap out with.

Keith Z

posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 12:21:08 PM America/Chicago
It's an AMC Javelin AMX they're building and I to would like to see an AMC engine, or a third gen Hemi to keep the car special.


posted on Monday, November 21, 2016 12:25:08 PM America/Chicago
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Rambler Roger Gladson

posted on Thursday, February 16, 2017 1:31:08 PM America/Chicago
Jim& Mike, glad to see that you and prestone are looking at doing a two seater Amx. Being a Amx collector for the last 49 years I like to extend my knowage and part sourcing for you build. Being a Milwaukee native I enjoyed watching your brand of building in the automotive culture. Checking out your shop and workmanship during last year powertour was and eye opening experience. I hope your looking at using an amc 401 with a roots style blower or turbo, 6 speed ect. Once again I here to help you with what I learn in stock and modifiying amc ,rambler or Nash products ,and any rare parts needed. Thanks for being one of the finest shop in my home state of Wisconsin. If your looking for any parts or information ,please email me. Thanks for your time ..Rambler Roger

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