1963 Volkswagen Double Cab Project

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 4:33:49 PM America/Chicago

Ringbrothers may be world-famous for coachbuilding high-end custom vehicles, but customers also seek us out to work on miscellaneous projects, like this 1963 Volkswagen Double Cab.

This VW came to us from Madison, Wisconsin – roughly an hour commute – to our shop in Spring Green.

The owner brought the vehicle to us with some metal work started, which we finished and we did some body work as well as painted the entire vehicle and helped the owner reassemble it.

Mike was glad to have multiple tools and products from 3M Collision on hand for the body work including 3M bondo, sand paper, guide coat, wet sand paper, wool pads, and foam pads.

Because the vehicle is all metal with no accents (like chrome), the entire bus was painted from top to bottom. Mike Ring said this was the most painting he’s ever done on a vehicle. The body and the hub caps match the original colors of the Double Cab. The body is coated in a BASF color called Dove Blue, the front and rear bumpers are the BASF color Silver White and the hub caps are powder coated.

Mike said the project ended up being more work than he anticipated, but it was a lot of fun and he really enjoyed working on the VW.

Here's the finished product:

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