Ringbrothers University - Clearing Carbon Fiber Part I

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 8:17:10 PM America/Chicago

In Cleaing Carbon Fiber: Part I Mike Ring will demonstrate the steps for clearing a piece of carbon fiber including prepping the piece, sanding and the first stage of clearing. 

Products used in this video:

3M Cubitro II Hookit Paper Disc  

3M Scotch-Brite Durable Flex Hand Pad 


3M Accuspray Spray Gun  

3M Accuspray Atomizing Head 2.0 

3M PPS Mini Pressure Cup 

3M Scotch Performance Masking Tape  

3M Hand Sanding Sheets with No Slip Grip – 180, 320 grit 

Other videos in the Ringbrothers University series:

Chapter 1: Metal Prep 

Chapter 2, Part I: Epoxy, Filler, and Blocking

Chapter 2, Part II: Glaze, Guide Coat, and Primer 

Chapter 3: Blocking Primer for Paint 

Chapter 4: Sealer and Paint 

Chapter 5: Wet Sanding 

Chapter 6: Cut and Buff 

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