Terminator Touch Start System

Terminator Touch Start System

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NEW Touch Start Button System from Ringbrothers The Industry’s first touch sensitive start button with interactive LED display. Made in the USA as a direct replacement for standard keyed ignitions. Simulates five positions of keyed ignition: Off, Accessory, On, Crank and Run. First Touch: Simulates the ACCESSORY position - turning on only your accessories to conserve energy and save sensitive components, like heated O2 sensors and engine computers, which could suffer from being turned on unnecessarily. Second Touch: Simulates the ON position which is typically connected to power windows, engine computer, gauges, etc. Third Touch: Simulates the OFF position. To engage the starter you simply step on the brake and touch the starter. The starter is automatically disengaged once the system senses the engine running similar to modern luxury vehicles. A rapid 3 taps at any time returns the ignition to an off state. The interactive built in LED display allows for visual conformation of the simulated key position. A theft deterrent pulsing red light for when vehicle is off is included. The touch start system will accept input from any momentary switch, including popular O.E.M. ignition switches. Tach-less input allows for easy installation with any type of engine. The built-in circuitry monitors the state of your engine to determine when it is running. Optional security input allows you interface with security devices so only authorized users have access to your vehicle’s ignition. Available retained accessory option keeps accessories live for ten minutes after the ignition is turned off or until the door is opened. Electronic devises are non-returnable.

Price: $650.00

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